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Materials and Care

Sterling Silver

925 sterling silver will tarnish. So...just for you I've included a small polishing cloth and an anti-tarnish tab to help slow this process down. Keep your handmade piece in the bag provided with the tab when you are not enjoying it (which I know you will).


Gold is great! It is such a lovely yellow. If you see anything on my site in silver, know that I can also make it in gold (including rose gold)! Just let me know. No need to worry about tarnishing, just wash them with some gentle soap and a cloth when they need it.


Pearls are so amazing, come in so many colors. Their luster can be mesmerizing. They do need some special care, however. Make them the last thing you add before you leave the house and the first thing you take off when you get home. Hairspray, lotions, oils, can all harm them. A special 2-part cement is used if your pearls are glued on, heat can loosen them. Noooo! Clean them with water and a soft cloth.

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